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Terms & Conditions

Version 1.0.2 – Updated 25 April, 2022

Items marked as final sale are not returnable.

No allowance for cut or processed goods.

All products are made-to-order, custom orders are not returnable.

All fabric is custom printed, colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot.

Fabric is not guaranteed against wear or fading.


Printing Quality Standards:

Fabric is printed to our customer specifications, warranted to be first quality and free from defect in workmanship. The following standards and allowances are based on Worth Street Standards for printed fabric but address the nature of production with pigment ink.



Spot Flaws

-      Ink Splatter (droplets)

-      Banding (brief misfire of print heads resulting in a striping or discolored area)

-      Horizontal drag(streak of ink across the width of the fabric caused by contact with the underside of the print carriage)

-      Large Omissions(absence of ink due to loose threads/yarn, wrinkles, or creasing in the fabric)


*Loose fibers are inherent in most ground cloths. Small omissions caused by these flecks are NOT considered spot flaws.


Running Flaws:

-      Print out of registration

-      Absence of one or more colors

-      Vertical drag



-      Cut lengths need to be specified and allowances will be made to insure flaw-free pieces

-      Yardage equal to the length of a Running Flow will be added to the end of the piece.

-      Every effort will be made to align the fabric grain to the print. However, no allowance will be made for grain drift or misalignment issues.

-      All fabric must be inspected prior to cutting. No allowances will be made after fabric is cut.