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Contributing Artists

Tia Cibani

Fashion Designer

The first TiA CiBANi collection was created on a whim, when a longtime supporter of designer Tia Cibani asked her to create a children’s collection using fabric from her namesake women’s line. For the purpose Tia delved into the colorful, artistic and tactile; choosing bold colors and crisp fabrics that have become the mainstays of each KiDS collection ever since. Having led the Creative Direction of Ports 1961 for several years, Tia is an industry veteran in designer women’s wear. She applies her deep knowledge of high craftsmanship to her current work making for heirloom quality children’s wear. Tia believes that good design should be inventive, uplifting and functional. She draws inspiration from her North African heritage and the world in which we live, making for a juxtaposition of poetic charm and modern day pragmatism. Textiles are Tia’s first love as a fashion designer. Enter Evolve x Tia Cibani Kids Collection. The collection speaks to the joy of childhood with designs that are unique and imaginative. Highlights of the collection include fun hues and a colorful point of view from the eyes of an impassioned designer like Tia.

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Anthony Baratta

Interior Designer

Anthony Baratta, the king of East-Coast chic, is one of the most celebrated and respected interior designers of the day with a global following of loyal fans. He is known for his bold use of color and scale that honors tradition while defying predictability. Baratta’s design work has graced over 70 magazine covers worldwide. His work has been celebrated in the Cooper-Hewitt Museum’s National Design Triennial: "Inside Design Now". He was named one of the Traditional Homes “20 Design Icons” and awarded Benjamin Moore’s coveted “Hue Award” for lifetime achievement in design. This past year he was honored with Connecticut Cottages & Garden’s Innovation in Design award. Among his special collaborations, in 2018 he received a prestigious designation as Designer in Residence, at Colonial Williamsburg. In addition, he has had the honor of renovating the historic residence, Drumthwacket, for the Governor and First Lady of New Jersey, Philip and Tammy Murphy. Where fashion meets interior design - Baratta was selected to create a capsule collection for Spring 2019, called “Nantucket”, for Weekend Max Mara, the luxury Italian fashion designer. The collection debuted in Milan, Italy in the Fall of 2018. Baratta has co-authored three books. His latest book, " Decorate Happy-Bold Colorful Interiors” by Rizzoli, came out Spring of 2020. Anthony Baratta has an active social media audience of 35,000 followers on Instagram, who he continues to delight with images of his over-40 years in interior design.

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Gary Chapman

Sculptor, Painter, Artist

Born in Manchester, England, artisan Gary Chapman began sculpting at the tender age of three and has spent the last thirty years working in the Los Angeles film industry as a property maker, character and production designer, and project and story developer. Originally hired for his design portfolio, his extensive commitment to the writing and development of the 2005 film Valiant led producers to elevate him to the role of Director, where he oversaw the talents of a phenomenal voice cast, including Ewan McGregor, Hugh Laurie, John Cleese, and the late John Hurt. He has continued to work occasionally as a storyboard artist and character designer, including the Space Chimps animated film series. His primary endeavors revolve around creating three-dimensional physical works of art, especially sculpting prototypes, bespoke pieces, and exacting commissions out of clay, resin, and fiberglass for both private and commercial customers. This makes way for his unique perspective on Children’s stories, which brought about the creation of a Kids’ Collection of wallcoverings.

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Gordon J. Clark

Visual Media

Photographer, filmmaker, and storyteller Gordon Clark began working as a Hollywood commercial director in 1981 after fashion and beauty photographer Johann Wessels spotted his talent in Johannesburg and became his mentor. Fourteen years and five hundred global-brand commercials and high-profile music videos later, Gordon marked his homecoming and expansion into documentary photography with the aptly named book Transitions Southern Africa (with a forward written by Oprah Winfrey). Since 2000, his still work has been exhibited in North America, Europe, and Africa and covered EYEMAZING Magazine, and his provocative and challenging documentary shorts and features have been screened at the Cannes Film Festival (2013) and won awards at film festivals throughout the United States. Gordon’s unique insights have sent him on a journey through evolving societal landscapes and instilled a spirit of socially conscious photography and respect for his subjects. His frequent use of black and white images and classic techniques have made him highly sought after by curators of art and make him the perfect fit for EVOLVE TEXTILES group of artists featuring his fine photography.‍

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Happy Fernandez


Happy Fernandez has been designing home furnishings for twenty years. Creating wallcovering designs is a natural evolution for her from having a degree in Interior Design to designing fabrics for a decade. Her experience in the textile industry working with private labels has honed her expertise in color theory, product conceptualization and development. She became the Co-Founder of a home furnishings company in Manila, where she utilized her artistic vision and creative direction to design furniture collections. Happy’s work has been featured in the American Society of Interior Designers Magazine; and she received a Certificate of Merit from the City of Beverly Hills in recognition for distinguished service for her work in the Historic Greystone Mansion Showhouse. In her collaborations with Anthony at Evolve Textiles they share a sensibility of luxury for design lovers, and curate extraordinary visual presentations by brilliant artists, talented designers and skilled artisans. It was her imaginative nature that brought about the unique creation of the Dipinto A Mano Collection, which is "Painted by hand" in Italian. The designs were derived from her inkblot paintings and inspired by her artistic instincts, passion for patterns, and pursuit of wanderlust.

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Rod Dyer

Graphic Designer, Painter, Art Director

American graphic designer & art director based in Los Angeles, California. He was born and raised in South Africa, where he also began his design studies at Johannesburg's tech art school. He worked closely with Ray and Charles Eames during his early years in New York. He also created the most memorable album covers at Capitol Records throughout the 60's and 70’s. Rod Dyer has been honored by many of the top awards presented in the fields of advertising and design, including the Art Director’s clubs of New York and Los Angeles, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the International Annual of Letterhead design, the Society of Publication Designers, the ONE Show in New York, Communications Arts Magazine, and the Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards. Rod is also responsible for some of the most recognizable logos and symbols, such as the Disney Channel, Entertainment Tonight, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Heaven, MCA, Gramercy Pictures, Surround Sound, and graphics for Guess Jeans, just to name a few. His ability to create beautiful works of art that are a delight to both see and touch are an integral part of the Evolve x Rod Dyer wallcoverings.

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Slim Keskes

Architect, Interior Designer

Born in Sfax, Tunisia, Slim Keskes always had a big passion for architecture, design, art, and luxurious goods. His love of architecture and design started when his parents decided to design their dream house with a very known Tunisian architect. At the age of 7, he was enthralled by all the “quick” sketches that the architect was creating during the design meetings with his parents. At that young age, and after every single design meeting, he was discreetly creating similar drawings that he never shared with his family. His passion got even stronger during all his years of traveling having visited more than 100 cities around the world. Between spending many years of his life living in Paris and traveling, he was always so curious on discovering the architecture, history, and design of each country he visited. He is fascinated by the patterns, colors, and drawings that he discovered in the historical interiors and monuments. This is where he gets his inspirations for his current projects and products, including his new line of wallcoverings for Evolve.

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Stephen Vaughan


With a forty-year career that spanned 60 movies, Stephen Vaughan was one of the most respected names in the film business. From Blade Runner to Blade Runner 2049, his work left an indelible mark on any patron of film and his personality on set made him equally as notorious. To quote a Head of Theatrical Marketing for Alcon Entertainment “He was a giant pain in the ass, but he had an incredible eye.” With the manners of a Southern gentleman and the spirit of a Hollywood wild-child, Stephen Vaughan committed his life to his art, living on the edge and taking no prisoners. With a soft spot for Henry Miller, horses, women and scotch, Vaughan was a man from a different era. He was the guy tied to the motorboat taking pictures of Tom Cruise at 100 mph - backwards. He was the guy riding in the stunt car in The Dark Knight in order to get the shot he knew was being set up. Dangerous though it was, it’s one of his more indelible images - that of an eighteen-wheeler completely perpendicular in the dark streets of Gotham. The original Blade Runner images are so ingrained into the cultural fabric that it’s hard to separate where the images end and the movie takes off. It’s this impact, of the single image having an impression notably separate from the film itself, that calls for a recognition of his work. There’s an unmistakable intensity to his work that runs equally alongside the rich depth of color and connection to the human spirit. His composition of frame is not only alluring but often dangerous which, in turn makes the image more provocative. His ability to read the poetry of the moment and convey it through a single image is not only extraordinary, but also credits his strength in this particular genre of photography that is used to market the film with one concise shot. His work so poetic, that one shot could say it all.

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